About us

KLM Group was established on autumn of 2009, as a partner of KLM Vista, which operates in the same field since 1997.

Other services

  • Reports to the needs of owners and managers
  • Establishment and incorporation of new companies
  • Economic analysis of business
  • Preparation of applications for loans, leases, insurance
  • Advice on administration of taxes and fees
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Negotiation of tax with the competent local tax authority
  • Advice on the Foreign Exchange Act and Customs Act
  • International tax advice, in particular, take account of the double taxation
  • Complete processing of annual financial statements
  • Determination of tax estimates, minimizing tax burdens
  • Planning for running the company in relation to tax costs

Registration taxes for the Tax Office

Depending on the scope and nature of planned activities and according to the expected turnover of the company we shall register the tax collection

Reports state authorities

We will prepare accounting and tax outcomes for the state report.

Management Reports

Based on your requirements we convert financial information into your desired layout.

Audit and Legal Services

Our work in this area includes all processes that lead according to Czech and international certification standards for issuing an audit clause. Verification is oriented to determine whether the financial statements give a true picture of the financial, property and economic situation of the company. The result of our verification, "Auditor's Report on the annual financial statements as of the day" clause, the auditor in accordance with Czech laws and standards.

Transmission accounts for clients incorporated into the collection of documents

Distribution of the tax base

Information on the novels of accounting rules and their application in practice