About us

KLM Group was established on autumn of 2009, as a partner of KLM Vista, which operates in the same field since 1997.

Accounting and financial services

  • Keeping tax records
  • Double-entry bookkeeping
  • An oversight in the company, online consultation
  • Retrospective reconstruction of accounting
  • Checking completeness and arrangement of fiscal documents, checking the accuracy of cash register management
  • Management of extra records - invoices, books, property records, vouchers
  • Keeping summary reports
  • Calculation of travel costs
  • Calculation of the proportion of leases
  • Accounting and tax consultations
  • Processing of returns for income tax, corporate income tax, processing of monthly or quarterly returns for VAT, road tax
  • Processing of the statement to ensure tax
  • Transacting business with the Tax Office
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Helping to start business
  • Methodological supervision and consultation and assistance in dealing with emerging problems
  • Processing of statistical reports
  • Processing applications to the Tax Office, Customs Office
  • Distribution of the tax base
  • Information on the novels of accounting rules and their application in practice
  • Representing clients in the local investigation and inspections by the tax Communication via phone, fax, mobile, Internet
  • Reconstruction of Accounting
  • Ensuring audit
  • Financial analysis and reporting, data for banks
  • Technical supervision of accounting staff