About us

KLM Group was established on autumn of 2009, as a partner of KLM Vista, which operates in the same field since 1997.

Benefits for you

  • Membership in the Chamber of Chartered Accountants
  • The possibility of a financial control authority in the accounting office
  • Years of experience
  • Membership in the Chamber of Auditors

Our motto is that we were most helpful in the development of our business partners and that working with us would save the maximum time required for dealing with routine matters relating to accounting, payroll and business tax agenda.

Our employees are continuously educated and continually monitor legislative developments in taxation, accounting and business law.

Effectiveness and quality of our work is constantly increasing with the latest knowledge and awareness of existing standards. Everyone is treated individually.

As professionals we respect commercial confidentiality, which derives from the knowledge of corporate information. Our confidentiality is contracted and also transferred to our employees and associates. The technical data are protected by means of modern technology. Accounting and tax advisor can be a doctor of the company and as such acts to the entrusted information.

Reliability and quality of our work confirms that our company did not insured any event due to our work.